Novel postharvest technologies for prolonging fruit shelf life in Japan


  • Daisuke Hamanaka


Nano-sized mist, Weight loss, Infrared, Ultraviolet, Decontamination


In order to prolong the shelf life of highly perishable fruits and vegetables, new technologies
should be introduced during storage and transportation. Temperature control is surely
important for keeping freshness and quality higher. In addition, both humidity and microbial
controls are also playing important role for avoiding the wilting, discoloration, microbial
growth, etc. The nano-sized mist is generated by Lenard effect with high speed impact of
water droplet to metal mesh. The peak diameter of mist is approximately 80 nm, which is
roughly several times smaller than that of the normal mist for humidity control of fresh
produces generated by ultrasonication. The nano-sized mist has the advantage for preventing
over-wetting which results in the collapse of cardboard even with high relative humidity
environment, whereas no considerable effects on the physiological responses of fresh
produces were found.Infrared/Ultaviolet treatment was applied to the decontamination
process of microbes infecting the surface of fresh produces. A 1-1.5 logs reduction of surface
microbe of fruits was obtained by infrared or ultraviolet treatment individually. In addition,
another 1-2 logs reduction were enhanced by their combination without negative effects on
surface color, hardness, and respiration.