Error Analysis and Teaching Complements of result of Thai Middle School Students' Learning Results


  • Satcha PICHAICHANLERT 武汉大学,文学院


Thai students, Chinese grammar, Complements of result, Error analysis, Teaching methodology


In Chinese language instruction for Thai students, complements of results are considered a difficult and critical aspect, since there is no equivalent explicable grammar point in Thai. Therefore, Thai students tend to make mistakes when studying the complements of results. Although in Thai there are some features explaining the results of verbs, they are considered the adverbs which modify verbs, not the complements. The sample group employed in this study is the students in grade 10 and grade 11 in Arts-Chinese Programme, Assumption College. The instrument involved in the questionnaire. The result revealed that: 1. The students viewed that the previous lessons on complements of the result were ‘unsatisfied’; 2. The types of errors from the most frequent to the least frequent are: using the wrong complements, misplacing the complements, avoidance of using the complements, using complements in the wrong context, respectively. The most frequent were using the wrong complements and misplacing the complements; and According to the above findings, I examined the causes of bias. And based on these, I raised the teaching suggestions and strategies.



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