Submission Policy

We are pleased to inform you that the Journal of Sinology does not require any submission fees or charges for publication. We aim to ensure that quality research reaches the widest possible audience without financial hindrance. Our policy allows authors to submit their manuscripts free of charge, promoting an accessible platform for sharing innovative ideas and findings. We understand the importance of your work and strive to provide a seamless and equitable submission process.


Publication Fee:

We proudly announce that publication in the Journal of Sinology is completely free. We believe that financial barriers should not prevent the dissemination of valuable research and knowledge


Withdrawal Policy:

We acknowledge that authors' circumstances may evolve after submitting their manuscript. Should authors choose to withdraw their manuscript post-peer-review initiation, a withdrawal fee of 4500 THB will be imposed. This fee is crucial to offset the expenses undertaken during the review phase and to fairly remunerate our reviewers for their commitment and specialized insights.

We encourage authors to consider their decision before submitting their manuscripts for review. The withdrawal fee is implemented to ensure the integrity of the review process and the fair treatment of our reviewers who commit their time and insights.

It is important to note that authors who withdraw their manuscript but are unwilling to pay the withdrawal fee will face a ban from submitting their works to our journal for a period of 2 years. This measure is in place to maintain the submission process's integrity and ensure that all participants are treated fairly and with respect.