A Comparative Study on Security Governing of Smart City

A perspective of taking Singapore and Shanghai for example


  • Peng LU Mr
  • Wenni BI


Smart city system, City security, City governance


From the perspective of smart city security governance, this paper analyzes the development process of smart city and the important role of security in smart city governance and construction. On this basis, using the domestic and abroad, a think-tank, related research report on global cities, related city yearbook data, as well as the related research results of scholars at home and abroad, for wisdom city security elements, characteristics and relevant theoretical analysis, model of security system and build the wisdom city formed in this paper, some views about wisdom city security. Thirdly, by comparing the contents of Shanghai, Tokyo and Singapore in terms of urban security for reference, the important role of smart city security system model in smart city governance is further verified to provide reference basis. And through the case analysis, combined with the 2021 outbreak of the new champions league Shanghai performance in fighting the epidemic show wisdom city security system in the urban development the important role of wisdom, make full use of the government, enterprises and citizens in the unity, coordination and three aspects should be modified, play a significant role in city construction, wisdom for other global cities in the event of a major public events, How to carry out emergency management work provides important reference value. Finally, through the form of questionnaire, the author investigates and studies the feelings of urban residents living in Shanghai on the smart city governance of Shanghai, and further verifies that "security" is the core element of smart city governance.


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